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On an autumn day in 1914, a small group of forward-thinking women decided a place was needed for young ladies seeking employment to call home as they sought independence. Little did they know, they planted a seed of empowerment that has grown for the last hundred years. That was the beginning of the YWCA of Pueblo and over one-hundred years later, our mission remains intact:

  • The YWCA is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.

The organization has evolved through the decades based on the needs of women in our community. Since the 1970s, Pueblo has needed a safe haven for victims of domestic violence and their children; and that has been our primary focus through today.

As our world continues to evolve, we see the unmet needs and untapped potential in our community. Problems like job-readiness, financial literacy and affordable child care are hindering motivation and preventing women to feel ambition, let alone attempt to seek independence. In our community, the YWCA of Pueblo believes that stronger programs addressing these issues will aid in curbing the cumbersome cycle of domestic violence. Furthermore, we wish to expand our reach to any and every woman who desperately needs these services. Our goal is to show women that they have the unlocked potential within, despite unfortunate circumstances. Fostering hope, teaching valuable skills and implementing ability is our formula for empowerment.

Today, you have the opportunity to leave your mark on the future and ensure we continue the important work achieved over the past century. Our commemorative wall is more than just a donor wall, it’s a symbol of the promise you’re making today to show women for decades to come, that you believed in the dreams of women who thought they couldn’t, that you showed them we lose nothing from supporting each other and gain everything from perseverance, dedication and belief that together we can create a “Fearless foundation for every woman’s future.”

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